Information About Garage Door Springs

Overhead garage door works on tension garage door springs, regardless of whether you have one piece swing up door or sectional roller garage door.

These springs may lose its tension or break with the passage of time. They should be repaired or replaced for efficient performance. It is important to understand all the features of garage door springs before attempting any DIY project or calling a professional Columbus, OH garage door repair services to deal with the broken garage door springs.

Garage door components       

A garage door runs on the heavy-duty metal tracks connected with the walls of the garage. The garage door springs are divided into two types; one is extension garage door springs and the other is tension garage door springs.

  • Swing Up Garage Doors

These garage doors are created to moves on the horizontal metal tracks which are mounted high on the wall garage. The tracks of these doors slant down towards the backside of garage. Springs are either attached on one side or both sides of the frame of the door and attached to the door itself. If garage door spring is not working, it is good to check the brackets of springs to determine the loose hardware like, plates, nuts, and screws with mounted the springs. If you found them, tighten up the loose hardware.

  • Sectional Roller Garage Doors

With these garage doors, metal tracks are mounted in curves from vertical to horizontal in order to roll the door. In these garage doors, tension springs are used which is controlled by the cable and pulley system. Tension garage door springs are adjusted by pulling the cable and readjusting the knots to increase and decrease the length of the cables.

Remember, if your garage door has one spring placed at the center of the door. This type of spring has high tension that may hurt you if mishandled. To avoid any unhappy event, call a specialist to fix it rather than trying it on your own.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Replacing or repairing garage door springs is a very challenging job. If you want to take this challenge, ensure that you are familiar with springs, winding bars, and cables. Winding springs will help them to store the energy which may hurt you if you are not cautious.

There are many online tutorials about garage door spring replacement available on the internet. Some significant tips are:

  • Close the garage door manually
  • Disconnect the power supply of garage door opener
  • Place your ladder to the one side of the door to avoid the path of the winding bar
  •  Always keep a strong grip on the winding bar and insert it completely into the winding holes(over winding will make the door bouncy and under winding will make the door heaviest)

If you have any doubts about your abilities, don’t hesitate to call an expert. Safety will be your first preference, so it is not good to take the risk of DIY projects. Spend some time to check other potential areas of the door to avoid any upcoming issue. You should fix or replace the damaged hinges, garage door sensor, screws, panels to keep your garage door in tip-top condition.

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